Something Got Lost In Translation With The 2016 Fiat 500X

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but sub-compact crossovers are so hot right now. They’re practical, have a modicum of capability, and are perfect for the urban-dwelling, active lifestyle 20-somethings that rule the Kingdom of Powerpoint. The 2016 Fiat 500X should be the standard-bearer for the segment. But it’s not,… » 4/17/15 9:50am Yesterday 9:50am

​I Just Want To Shove A Mattress In The New VW Transporter And Drive

I'm sure Volkswagen has a perfectly good business case to explain why it doesn't sell the Transporter in the U.S. I don't really care, because all I can think about is driving the new T6 cross-country and living inside, particularly now that I know the internal codename VW uses for its new diesel engine. » 4/15/15 10:30pm Wednesday 10:30pm

​Thieving Teens Likely Used $17 Gadget To Break Into NYT Columnist's Car

Last week, New York Times tech/style columnist Nick Bilton told the tale of two teens breaking into his Toyota Prius with a mysterious black box . Now we might know what it is, and you can get one for as little as $17. » 4/15/15 3:28pm Wednesday 3:28pm

​Our 'Smart' Cities Are Ridiculously Insecure

Cities from Los Angeles to Seoul are pouring billions of dollars into smartifying infrastructure, networking everything from traffic lights to waste management systems. But just like most tech-focused public works project lead by underfunded or clueless (or both) bureaucrats, even basic security measures are being… » 4/09/15 5:30pm 4/09/15 5:30pm

​We'd Totally Pay $15 To Watch This Polish Parody Of Fast And Furious 7

It's called Ugly And Angry and if there was any Fast And Furious 7 parody that needs to be made into a feature length film, it's from a Polish comedy troupe whose (Google-translated) motto is, "Do not try to understand everything, because everything becomes incomprehensible." » 4/08/15 7:40pm 4/08/15 7:40pm

What Do You Want To Know About The Mercedes-Maybach S600?

Somehow someone somewhere thought it was a good idea to give me a new Maybach for a few days. While I’m sitting in the back seat, running my bare feet along the inches-thick carpeted floor mats, trolling Craigslist for a chauffeur that owns the very specific orange plaid tux I demand, I’ve got time for questions.… » 4/08/15 1:56pm 4/08/15 1:56pm

The $75k Model S 70D Is The New Entry-Level Tesla

Tesla has been tweaking its Model S lineup continuously, nixing the lowest-spec model before it even went on sale, adding features, eliminating options, and eventually adding all-wheel-drive. Now there’s this: the new 70D, a replacement for the entry-level Model S that gets more range and adds a second motor. » 4/08/15 7:00am 4/08/15 7:00am

​Understand This Chart And Understand The Future Of The Auto Industry

If you want to understand the future of the car world, look at this chart. It's the way things are going, according to one analyst, who says, "Telling the story of this chart will occupy the remainder my professional life. It's sort of sad that my life can be boiled down to one chart… but it's so true." » 4/07/15 1:49pm 4/07/15 1:49pm